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We’ve delivered unforgettable experiences for some of the world’s leading brands and influencers. Our mission is to create bespoke experiences that will leave a lasting impression far beyond the event itself.

4K/HD Video Production

Coverme captures your best moments in ultra HD videos.

We offer professional video recording for live events and staged commercial production. Our team of seasoned directors and cinematographers possess superior craftsmanship to give you an outstanding experience at your event. Whether you are looking to have your wedding, musical concert, documentaries, product branding, or church event covered, we can guarantee laser-sharp video quality at all times.

When you need quality video production, you will want to work with a video production company that is capable of handling your production needs efficiently, as well as giving you the quality output you desire. Coverme has all of these attributes and more. We make use of the latest technology, both in production and post-production to create fantastic 4K/HD visuals for your events and corporate needs at competitive prices.

4K videos are gradually becoming the next standard in video production. You need a sharp and high-resolution video to tell your story, whether a brand story, product video or YouTube video; we do all of this best at Coverme. We use upgraded resolution and technology to accomplish this bleeding-edge trend in video production.

Our DSLR camera, videography equipment, and team are on standby, all ready to help you with everything from principal videography to editing, 4K filming, graphics, and colour grading to tell your story creatively.

Photo Book Production

Let us help you preserve your beautiful memories in a photo book!

Photo Book Production is beyond fitting your photos in a hard copy or photo album. It requires creative processes of culling, organizing, and designing. It takes a creative and professional mind to design your album in such a way that your images flow seamlessly into one another and look perfect together. For a well designed and organized photo book that you will love, you can count on us!

We design and produce all kinds of photobook, including;

  • Wedding & engagement books
  • Family photo book
  • Personal portfolio
  • Product portfolio
  • Class photo books
  • Corporate books
  • Adventure/ Trip photo book

We guarantee durable, rich quality coated paper with colourful interior. Our photo books are designed with quality ink and printing material to make them last a lifetime. We pay keen attention to every detail and process to ensure we provide you with a beautiful, superior quality photo book you will love.

Our photobook designs come in a handful of sizes; If you are not sure what size to choose, we are here to guide you through size selection. Share your photos with us, and we will design a unique photo book for you. Do you have a specific concept in mind? We will be glad to bring your concept to life.

Contact us today to discuss the best photo book design idea to preserve your best moments.


We take beautiful and creative eye-catching pictures of you!

Cover me offers creative photoshoots for any occasion. We provide full-service photography and can organize all the elements you need for your photoshoot session- props, necessary decor, make-up, and design, as well as, location, whether indoor or outdoor.

Our photoshoot session covers all kinds of photography needs, including;

  • Portrait
  • Clothing and Fashion Photography
  • Personal Event
  • Pre-wedding/ Engagement Shoot
  • Event promotion
  • Birthday Shoot
  • Bridal Shower
  • Baby Shower
  • Family Shoot
  • Anniversaries
  • Team Reveal, and more…

Our studio is equipped with ultra-modern photography equipment handled by skilled and creative photographers who are passionate about capturing your right angles. We create an calm ambience and environment where you feel safe to express yourself confidently.

Call us for your photography needs!

Wedding Film Production

Feel your special day forever! Time runs by quickly, but don’t worry! You can get those moments of loud laughter and happiness locked down in beautiful videos and pictures.

Coverme is based in Lagos, Nigeria but we are available to go anywhere to capture your special day. We care about helping you capture your day, your memories, and tell a beautiful story of your special day. We take pride in being the storyteller of your special celebration. We capture every little detail so you can relive the moments over and over again.

At Coverme, we do more than document your event; we direct and coordinate the filming affair to ensure that we capture moments you will cherish- the emotional moments and the moment of loud laughs. We cover every moment from your engagement session to your traditional session, English Nuptial, up to your last dance. We ensure to provide wonderful video memories to cherish forever.

We understand that your wedding is an important day in your life, and the least you want to do is stress over getting beautiful photos and videos. You deserve the best photography and videography experience on your day- that is why you should let us cover your day. You will always get personal attention and a stress-free experience.

After working with hundreds of brides and grooms within and outside Lagos, we are confident you will have captured memories you will be proud of. Whether you are getting married within or outside Lagos, we are excited to capture your beautiful moments. We also film your bridal shower and deliver a quality video experience each time.

Musical Concert Coverage

When the performance is spectacular, the sound is loud, and the atmosphere is colorful, the next thing you need is proper video coverage and production. Coverme is here to do just that! From the latest multi-camera set up to one camera setup, and on-site production facilities, Coverme has an extensive range of production facilities to capture the excitement and vivacity at your show in 4K/ HD concert production.

Filming your live musical convert is the best way to share the moment with people who couldn’t make the show and others that were there but would love to relive the moment. At coverme, collecting the full experience of any live event is what we do best. Our experience as a musical concert video production company spans from heavy rock concerts in Lagos to high rave orchestras to cities across the nation.. We have an expert team dedicated to giving you the best production experience.

With stunning 4K/HD details, we help you, our sophisticated clients maximize your viewer’s experience and keep your fans thrilled. Coverme covers the entire event, both on stage and behind the curtain, ensuring that we collect the full experience at every concert. We provide edited videos, which can include highlight videos, full concert recap, and individual songs.

Got a musical concert coming up? We are happy to cover the full experience while respecting your budget. Contact us today!

Church Event Coverage

Church event coverage allows members of the congregation and even non-members to have a video copy of any church event, play, or performance. It also allows churches to spread their message far and wide, across the globe. When you need your church event covered, we are here for you! Coverme provides top-notch church video production in Lagos and across the nation.

The church video production team at Coverme is readily available to cover your church event while your congregation focuses on their act of worship. Whether it’s a musical performance, seminar/conference, church community event, or even regular church service, we have the expertise and experience to handle all! We ensure to catch the perfect angles of the speakers, choir, and audience in 4K/ HD video quality.

The last thing you want to have while a sermon or important activity is going on is distractions. At Coverme , we understand the need to perform quiet operation during a church event coverage. We work with your technical or media team to ensure that our cameras and equipment are stationed out of the way. Our work is non-disruptive, and we do our best to stay out of your way through it all.

No event is too big or too small for us to handle. Contact us today to discuss your church event coverage.

Product Branding Video Coverage

Introducing a new product? Our product branding video service is a great way to make a captivating and lasting impression. Product branding is a rich tool and a powerful marketing mix you should consider when looking to launch your new product into the market. Your consumers are three times more likely to trmember your product when you launch in a clear, creative brand video. Let us be your partner in creating top-notch videos for your brand.

Video is a key marketing strategy, whether for a product launch or branding. That’s why you must be able to pull off quality, creative, and compelling video that sells your product/service as well as tells your brand story succinctly. Our team of skilled product branding video experts can help you feel confident about your ideas. We help you design a professional video that speaks volume of your brand in alignment with your vision.

Coverme works closely with you to understand your brand vision and promise to ensure we help you create something meaningful that customers can connect with emotionally and psychologically. Our goal is to bring out the best in your brand with quality video coverage and production. We can handle all your product branding video needs, including;

  • Explainer video
  • Social promo video
  • Company overview
  • Demo/ Tutorials, etc.

Ready to create some great videos? We can help you! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create compelling videos that will make your brand stand out.

Cooperate Event Coverage

Is your company organizing an event? Annual dinner or conference? Get it all on record!

Coverme provides the most-complete video solution for your corporate event. We handle everything from documenting to capturing and editing, all in 4K/HD video quality. Whether it’s a conference, convention, annual dinner, trade show, or charity event, we are readily available to give you a full coverage service.

Corporate event coverage is a great way to capture those important business seminars, conferences, and events that can help your company grow. As a company, you can leverage video from your previous corporate event as a promotional or marketing clip for your next event. You can have the video on your website or YouTube to serve as an educative message to your audience.

Are you ready to create a stellar video from your corporate event? We are right here to provide you with our best services. Whether within or outside Lagos, we are available to go everywhere with you!

Political Rally Video Coverage

Video coverage is essential at every political event, whether press conference, debates, campaigns, rallies, and others. Each of these events is different and requires special attention. Coverme has in-depth experience handling and managing video coverage for all kinds of political events. We are flexible, and we pay attention to the littlest scene at the event. We ensure to capture every detail that guns with the image you portray.

Are you having a political rally and need video coverage? Coverme is right here to cover the entire rally without glitches. No matter the size of your political event/rally, we can handle it. We ensure to capture your powerful speech and the word of hope you have to relay to your own people. We stage an excellent video production to produce quality and clear videos for both television broadcast and live streaming.

We understand that the schedule for political events can be erratic. Hence, we have developed the ability to adapt to last-minute change.

Ready to have winning campaign videos? Contact us to learn more about our political rally video services.

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